Lining Up for the Soul Mate Reality TV Show

Special to The Galena Weekly, by Keith DeLoach

In the spring of 2009, people from all walks of life lined up in Houston, L.A., Phoenix, New York, Atlanta, Miami, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Denver, and Chicago for a chance to be a contestant on the new reality TV show, “Soul Mate.”  Most of them were young, many were college kids, but one woman, interviewed by KSAZ-TV in Phoenix, was 55 years old.  When asked why she wanted to become Brienne Cross’s “Soul Mate,” she said quite seriously, “We have this bond.” Then she broke into a lusty rendition of “I Did it My Way.”

She was not chosen for the show.

In fact, the oldest person on “Soul Mate” was twenty-nine-year-old Dawn Peltier, who was also, coincidentally, the first one voted out of the house.

All the contestants had to be talented enough to sing back-up on Brienne Cross’s next record, Marfa Lights, and each of them prepared two songs.  While this token portion of the program was gotten over with quickly, the latter part of the show concentrated solely on who would end up as Brienne’s Best Friend Forever.  This was the fun part: clubbing at J-Bar, field trips to Caribou Jewelers for Cartier or Audemar Picquet.  Or Boogie’s Diner for jeans, followed by booze-fueled dinners at Nobu’s.

According to sources close to the show, there is plenty of footage of the contestants: their performances, the outings and the tasks, as well as the inevitable tensions on the set.  But this footage has not been released to the public, and may never be, even after the homicide investigation is completed.

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  1. jake says:

    i remember when Survivor the Reality TV Show came on in 2000. I thought it was pretty stupid, and after 9/11 I also thought people would be too sensible for that kind of thing. Here we are ten years later, and they’re still going strong, so I guess I was wrong.

    The other night I watched that show “I Get that Alot,” which was EXACTLY like Candid Camera thirty years ago. Exactly. It had the same rhythm, the same hidden camera, “Look at the closet over there!” Stale stale stale. Smile, you’re on Candid Camera. It was like they took the blueprint and put superimposed modern people in skinny jeans and hair extensions on it.

    The only interesting person on it was Gene Simmons, who is as mesmerizing as a cobra. He was the only one who could make that stupid show interesting.

    It’s sad about the deaths of those people, horrific. But I was not looking forward to seeing another new reality TV show.

    May the people in that house rest in peace.

    Good luck with your book, M.J.!

  2. Carol says:

    I’m a huge reality show fan, starting with Survivors. I haven’t missed a season of Survivors or Big Brother (which seems closet to the format of “Soul Mate”), or Amazing Race. They’re addictive, especially the ones with celebrities. It’s scary to think that these contestants can be targets for freaked out whackos acting out their twisted blood lust.

  3. M.J. Hawk says:

    Carol, I agree with Jake on Family Jewels, the Gene Simmons reality TV show. Like Jake, I’m addicted. Never caught on to the Ozzie Osborn thing, but Gene Simmon’s reality show makes for spectacular TV.

    I watched the first few seasons of Survivor, but was turned off by all the bug-eating etc. I don’t really like reality TV, maybe because as a writer myself, I like shows that are written by writers.

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