Looking for a Soul Mate: Compatibility, Job One

In Brienne Cross’s Reality TV Show, “Soul Mate,” Compatibility is Key

Reprinted with permission from the blog, Briennecross.com

How do you become someone’s Best Friend Forever, after a few short weeks together in a houseful of competitors? With nineteen other people vying for the honor?

Sure, there was the talent portion of the program, but everyone there had the chops; they’d already proven their mettle as backup singers, even lead singers. (Trent Sligo, cut early on, had his own band and some success.)

So how did Brienne Cross cut her potential Best Friend Forever and sometime-backup singer from a herd of attractive, eager, talented and hungry individuals vying for the appellation, “Soul Mate?” Compatibility? Or was this all scripted, the outcome never in doubt?

Sources close to the show say Brienne made the decision. She narrowed it down to the last four contestants—two male and two female—and kept mum about the possible outcome.

Because no video of the Reality TV show’s taping has been released, and will likely never be released, all we have to go on is the four people who were left. The four people who died with her.

Sadly, instead of one contestant, all four of these beautiful young people will forever be linked to Brienne Cross.

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  1. barry says:

    in researching my book, HOLLYWOOD DEATH HOUSES, I learned some interesting things about stars and their entourages, what lengths these hangers-on will go to. It reminds me of the story about another female singing star, the Mexican singer, Selena. She was killed by Yolanda Saldivar, president of her fan club. Apparently, Yolanda was embezzling money from Selena and to avoid prosecution, Yolanda shot her to death. It’s clear from the news reports from the time that Selena had gotten herself crosswise of a true sociopath.

    You have to wonder if a similar scenario happened to Brienne. There was more than one disgruntled contestant who was cut early on. I’ve heard that a private investigator, hired by the family, who is looking into this.

    Barry Keller

  2. Nick was found under a car fed a load of Rohipnal. Otherwise known as the date rape drug. It seems that someone did not want him to remember something he saw that day. It is more likely that he photographed something he should not have. After all, the photos are buried, his article is buried, and his memory of the day was killed.

    Someone wanted these people dead, Nick may have photographed the murderer without knowing it. I say we should get the police to order the release of both his story and his photos.

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