Mystery Man at the Aspen Murder House?

Brienne Cross was murdered in this cabin - celebrity deathsAccording to one account, a mystery man attended the party on the night of the Aspen murders. One of the contestants, Jillian Garceau, did not make it to the Final Four, but was there. She noticed a young man talking to Nick Holloway out on the deck and asked about him, but nobody seemed to know who he was. One of the crew members told Jillian he thought Nick Holloway brought him, and that his name was “Mars.”

Did Mars crash the party? Was he a friend of Nick Holloway—the sole survivor?

* * *

THE SHOP is a work of fiction, a political crime thriller by J. Carson Black.
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  1. Carol Jose says:

    Loved the opener to The Shop, which is hinted at here. Brilliantly conceived and executed in the first chapter. It grabbed me from the get-go. Don’t miss The SHOP when it’s published…I won’t…trust me!
    Carol Jose
    Melbourne Beach, FL

  2. M.J. Hawk says:

    Thanks, Carol! I have to remember to send you the rest of it—since it got eaten! 🙁

  3. Leigh Woods says:

    I know that name from somewhere. Mars is an unusual name and I think it’s cropped up during our own investigation over at

    Something to do with money–seems to me he was a rich kid.

    Is it my imagination, or did he die?

  4. clay pearce says:

    Are you talking about Carstairs Remsen III?

    Because if you are, he’s dead, sure enough.

  5. M.J. Hawk says:

    Remsen–isn’t he a Colorado Senator?

  6. clay pearce says:

    No, he’s a congressman. The Third District.

    He’s a real asshole.

  7. M.J. Hawk says:

    Sounds like this is personal.

    I looked him up–I thought that was Salazar’s seat…

    I guess I was wrong.

    You said his son died? Are you saying the guy Mars at the party is Remsen’s son?

  8. clay pearce says:

    I know someone who had kids his age, I think thats where I got the name “Mars.” But it might not have been Mars. It might have been “Pluto” or “Saturn” or “Jupiter.”

    If it was him, it was one of the last times he partied hardy. He died of an overdose up at his bachelor pad ski chalet in Starwood a few weeks later.

    Which i think is kind of ironic. He misses out on getting his throat slit but manages to show up for the Death Party anyway.

  9. M.J. Hawk says:

    That’s too bad.

    Kind of gives me the shivers.

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