Breaking! The Yellow Lamborghini Lives!

parked Lamborghini

A yellow Lamborghini parked outside an Aspen cafe - was this the one?

The Galena Weekly
February 25, 2010
Keith Deloach

ASPEN. The woman whose car was nearly wiped out by a speeding Lamborghini the night of the Aspen Massacre has come forward.

I’ll call her “Pat,” because she wishes to remain anonymous. As the sole witness, Pat fears for her life. “If the person in the car was the killer, he might come after me.”

This is the reason she has finally broken her silence. She wants it known that she did not see the driver of the car, nor did she get the license plate. “It happened so fast. I could see him speeding up to the circle and I thought, ‘He has to stop,’ but he didn’t. He blew right through and even though I stomped on the brakes, he missed me by inches.”

Location - circle - Yellow Lamborghini - Aspen Murders - Brienne Cross
The incident occurred at the junction of Highway 82 and Castle Creek Road.

The Lamborghini “spun around facing the other direction, seemed to stall, then rocketed out of there toward Snowmass.”

When asked if she reported the near-collision to the police, she said she did. Shaken and in shock, she parked by the side of the road and called the Aspen Police Department. They took a brief report over the phone.

And that was the end of it, as far as she was concerned. “I did my duty as a citizen. Of course, I didn’t know about the murders then.”

Singer and actress Brienne Cross, her producer, and the four remaining contestants of her new reality TV show, “Soul Mate,” were found dead in a house on Castle Creek Road the following morning. The Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office has been close-mouthed about the details, but a week later, two men were arrested for the crime.

They were later released.

According to Pat, the incident took place “a little after midnight,” shortly after she got off-shift at Mercy Hospital near Snowmass.

“Pat” recognized the make of the car because her husband is a sports car buff. “It’s hard to mistake one of those,” she said. “They’re so unusual.”

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  2. clay pearce says:

    Well, this is interesting. I know Keith Deloach, he’s a pretty good reporter, was with the Rocky Mountain News before it went down. He still blogs for them.

    So there was a yellow Lamborghini. But who’s to say what this really means? Maybe the guy was just joyriding. If you think about it, there’s no real link to the murders, “Pat’s” nervousness notwithstanding.

  3. clay pearce says:

    I think I mentioned this before. Aspen Mogul Motors rents out high-end cars. Could the Lambo be a rental?

    That would be easy to trace.

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