Aspen Murders Suspect Donny Lee Odell Still at Large

Fugitive from Justice?

Walt Njorgen, The Aspen News

March 8, 2010

ASPEN. Donny Lee Odell is still at large, despite law enforcement efforts to find him.

“He’s probably in Canada,” said one source, who wishes to remain anonymous. “He used to live in Hayden Lake and Wellfield, and there are plenty of folks up there who would hide him. They’d sure as hell help him get into Canada.”

Wellfield is known for harboring groups with anti-government sentiment, including the white supremacist/secessionist militia group, Defeat Tyranny! Both Donny Lee Odell and Ray Arquette belonged to the militia, although it is unclear whether or not they were in the group at the same time.

Sheriff David Blenman, Sheriff Johnsons’ successor, gave a press conference earlier today, holding aloft a plastic bag containing a Bowie hunting knife which had been found buried in the carport of the house Donny Lee Odell rented.

Initial indications are that the knife could have caused the wounds to the victims. “We are now awaiting DNA results,” said Blenman. “We’re optimistic about the outcome.”

Luck played a part. Early last week, the water main to the guest house belonging to Doris Clarkson broke, flooding the house. During the ensuing repair, plumbers discovered the knife wrapped in burlap buried in a shallow hole beside one of the carport posts.

“It’s amazing we didn’t find it before,” said an unidentified source with the Sheriff’s Office. “It was only buried about two inches deep. If he’d wanted someone to find it, he couldn’t have found a more obvious place.”

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