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Crime scene where human remains were found near Aspen Murders house

April 3, 2011
Special to the Denver Sentinel-Herald
by Mounir Ayache

A man hiking along Castle Creek made a grisly discovery Friday, when his dog uncovered a human femur in a pile of debris left by the 2009 flood.

According to the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office, William Simon and his black Labrador, Harley, discovered the femur a hundred yards downriver from the site of one of Colorado’s most notorious and bloody crimes—the Aspen Murders, which took the lives of actress-singer Brienne Cross and five other people.

Brienne Cross was in the process of wrapping up her reality show, “Soul Mate,” when unknown assailants broke into the Castle Creek house and killed everyone inside.

No one has been charged with the crime to date.

Internationally-known Denver forensic anthropologist Jill McCarron has been dispatched to the scene. Authorities are not talking, other than to confirm that the skeletal remains are human.

Speculation is rampant that the bones are related in some way to the Aspen Murders. An unnamed source has confirmed to this reporter that the remains were partially encased in plastic sheeting, a “painter’s ground cloth,” indicating a possible homicide. “Hard to believe the bones aren’t from the house, but at this point, there’s no real evidence to say they are.”

That’s the story so far.

Two years after the Aspen Murders, the house on Castle Creek has been rebuilt by its new owner, Swedish entrepreneur and film-maker Lars Alsvik, who specializes in horror films and the macabre. Alsvik built an exact replica of the Aspen Murder House, as it has come to be known, and has termed it his “Museum of Murder.”

The museum is not open to the public. Alsvik has not commented on the discovery near his house.

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  1. Sheena says:

    Was it Conrad Johnson….final answer!

  2. OTT says:

    No, it was not Conrad Johnson. What, is this another mystery, “Who killed Conrad Johnson?”

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