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April 3, 2011 Special to the Denver Sentinel-Herald by Mounir Ayache A man hiking along Castle Creek made a grisly discovery Friday, when his dog uncovered a human femur in a pile of debris left by the 2009 flood. According to the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office, William Simon and his black Labrador, Harley, discovered the […]

Aspen Murders Suspect Donny Lee Odell Still at Large

Fugitive from Justice? Walt Njorgen, The Aspen News March 8, 2010 ASPEN. Donny Lee Odell is still at large, despite law enforcement efforts to find him. “He’s probably in Canada,” said one source, who wishes to remain anonymous. “He used to live in Hayden Lake and Wellfield, and there are plenty of folks up there […]

BREAKING! Arrest Warrant Issued in Aspen Murders Case

Arrest Warrant Issued for Donny Lee Odell – Whereabouts Unknown Walt Njorgen, The Aspen News March 6, 2010 SALIDA. The Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office has issued an arrest warrant for Donny Lee Odell in connection with the murders of Brienne Cross, Justin Balough, Connor Fallon, Tanya Williams, Amber Redmond, and Brendan Shayles, Sheriff David Blenman […]

Breaking! The Yellow Lamborghini Lives!

The Galena Weekly February 25, 2010 Keith Deloach ASPEN. The woman whose car was nearly wiped out by a speeding Lamborghini the night of the Aspen Massacre has come forward. I’ll call her “Pat,” because she wishes to remain anonymous. As the sole witness, Pat fears for her life. “If the person in the car […]

NEW! Profiles of the Dead

Justin Balough, producer, 32 Married, one child, a three-year-old boy, Drew. Producer of Soul Mate. Formerly assistant producer for World’s Most Deadly Professions. Grew up in Port St. Joe, FL, moved to LA after high school. Graduate UCLA; screenwriter, producer, commercials and shorts, indie prod, came to attention on Short Shorts, a reality TV show […]

Hot, Spicy Salsa–Brienne Cross’s Secret Passion

Note: this article appeared a couple of months before Brienne Cross’s death. By Trent Chilcott, March 27, 2009, The Malibu Dawn Patrol, “Your Weekly Entertainment Magazine” MALIBU, CA. How much do you love salsa? Brienne Cross loves her cousin Lindy Spencer’s Sassy Salsa so much she has containers of it sent to her when she’s […]

Mystery Man at the Aspen Murder House?

According to one account, a mystery man attended the party on the night of the Aspen murders. One of the contestants, Jillian Garceau, did not make it to the Final Four, but was there. She noticed a young man talking to Nick Holloway out on the deck and asked about him, but nobody seemed to […]

Looking for a Soul Mate: Compatibility, Job One

In Brienne Cross’s Reality TV Show, “Soul Mate,” Compatibility is Key Reprinted with permission from the blog, How do you become someone’s Best Friend Forever, after a few short weeks together in a houseful of competitors? With nineteen other people vying for the honor? Sure, there was the talent portion of the program, but […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger Orders Investigation into Birth Defects in California Town

Victims Include Niece of Brienne Cross Born Last Year KETTLEMAN CITY. Five and a half months before Brienne Cross and the contestants on her new reality TV show were killed by unknown assailants, her cousin Jo Ann Stamp gave birth to a baby girl named Moira Renee. Moira Renee, along with eight other children that […]

Brienne Cross and The Forbes Celebrity List

by Greg Dawson The Ute City New Times, January 17, 2010 ASPEN, COLORADO. Here’s a surprise—-Michael Jackson is not number one on the Forbes top-earning dead celebrities list.  Earning 350 million, Yves Saint Laurent is Number One, and Michael Jackson comes in at Number Three with 90 mil.  Not to worry, Michael, I’m sure there’s […]