Brienne Cross

Brienne Cross childhood home of dead celeb

Childhood home of Brienne Cross

dead celeb Brienne Cross farm fenceBrienne Cross was born in Bakersfield, California, on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 1987.  She was raised in the Central Valley of California on the family pistachio farm along with her two little sisters, Sabrina and Kristin.  Her father, a Kern County Justice of the Peace, became well-known for forging western-themed decorative iron. Her mother was a homemaker and popular local singer.

Brienne attended River High in Bakersfield, where she was head cheerleader, and later, Kern Community College.  During that time she was Rodeo Queen for two years in a row.  From an early age she dreamed of being a country singer, and her beautiful, ethereal voice became well-known at county fairs and in school musicals.

When she was seventeen years old, Brienne became engaged to the up-and-coming young pro bull rider Cody Tiller*. At nineteen, she dropped out of USC, broke up with her fiance, and moved to Nashville to pursue her dream.  Her first recording, “Stealthy Lovin,’” made it to the top of the country charts after she was runner-up on “America’s Newest Star,” and that was the turning point.  Her career shot into the stratosphere.

“Stealthy Lovin’” was followed by “Madagascar” in 2008, and she starred in her first film, “Force Field,” that year.  In the spring of 2009, after finishing her third album, “Marfa Lights,” she went to Aspen to film her new reality TV show, “Soul Mate,” where tragedy struck.  On the morning of May 25, 2009, Brienne, along with the producer of her show and four remaining contestants, was brutally murdered.

Her killer or killers are still at large.

*Cody Tiller was killed by the bull Barnbuster in 2007, two months after his breakup with Brienne Cross.  His family insists to this day that his personality changed after their breakup. He became depressed and withdrawn, and they believe this led to his distraction on the day he died.


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