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There’s so much speculation about what really happened to Brienne Cross and the people who died with her, I thought I should provide a space for people to go to get the straight skinny — The Story So Far. I will be updating this page as more facts come to light.


The man whose bones found downstream from the Aspen Murder House has been identified as Nick Holloway, a writer who chronicled Brienne Cross’s reality TV show for Vanity Fair.

Attempts to reach Holloway to share his story of the events in the Aspen House were unsuccessful. It was news to this writer that Nick Holloway apparently disappeared shortly after the massacre at the Aspen House.

According to his press agent, he had been missing since just after the killings, which poses the question, could his death be related in some way? Could he be the final victim of the Aspen Murders?

UPDATE: An intact jawbone found partially wrapped in a painter’s drop cloth downstream from the Aspen Murder House was identified today by dental records. The owner of the jawbone was Nick Holloway, the Vanity Fair freelance writer who wrote a series of articles about Brienne Cross and the Soul Mate reality TV show cast. How he got there is a mystery.

UPDATE: In November, 2010, Sheriff Dave Blenman put out a brief statement clearing Donny Lee Odell of any involvement in the Aspen Murders. “It has come to light,” the sheriff said, “That Donny Odell had an airtight alibi for the night in question. He is no longer a suspect.” The alibi, according to sources close to the investigation, was “unimpeachable.” It was learned subsequently that Donny Lee Odell was serving community service for a traffic violation by stuffing “rider packets” for the Tour of Salida Bike Ride. Why this was not immediately made known, and why Donny Lee Odell fled the state, is a mystery. “It could be he’s just an idiot,” said Terry Glynn, Donny Lee’s supervisor at NAPA Autoparts store in Salida. “He struck me as the sort who’d have a meth lab somewhere, which was why I was planning to fire him about the time he took off. That probably figured into his decision to run.”

UPDATE: Brienne Cross received threatening letters shortly before her death.

UPDATE: A witness came forward with the information that the lone survivor of the massacre, Nick Holloway, was seen talking to a man outside the Murder House on the night of the killings. The man drove off in a yellow Lamborghini. Speculation ensued. Could there have been an argument? Did the driver of the Lamborghini come back later? Several efforts were made to contact Nick Holloway, but he could not be reached. His phone number was no longer viable, and calls to his agent were left unanswered. Perhaps Holloway knows something about the driver of the Lamborghini. But he’s not talking.

UPDATE: A new arrest warrant has been issued for Donny Lee Odell. Odell was arrested a week after the Aspen Murders along with an associate, Ray Arquette, but was later released on lack of evidence. New physical evidence has apparently come to light, but Sheriff Blenman is not releasing any details.

Donny Lee Odell’s whereabouts are unknown.

UPDATE: A yellow Lamborghini did indeed nearly cause a wreck at the junction of Highway 82 and Castle Creek Road on the night of the Aspen Murders. The woman who narrowly avoided the accident came forward. See the story here.

A few days later, the newly-appointed sheriff, David Blenman, revealed that the sheriff’s office had requested the rental records from Mogul Motors of Aspen, which leases out a yellow Lamborghini. Mogul refused.

MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND, May 25, 2009. Country/pop singer Brienne Cross was brutally murdered along with the producer of her new reality TV show, “Soul Mate,” and four others in Aspen, Colorado. Her producer, Justin Balough, and one of the final four contestants from the show, Tanya Williams, were mutilated beyond recognition. Two eights were painted on the bedroom wall in their blood—shades of the Charles Manson Murders.

There’s plenty of speculation that Balough and Williams were sleeping together, even though Balough was married with a young son.

A week later, two men were arrested for the crime: Donny Lee Odell, 27, and Ray Arquette, 39. Both are white supremacists.

The bloody double eights may have pointed to an Aryan Nation connection. Two eights are shorthand for “Heil Hitler.”

And get this: Tanya Williams was black. Justin Balough was white.

Odell and Arquette were later released for “lack of evidence.”

FREAKY FACTOID: Writer Nick Holloway, who had been writing a series of essays on the taping of Brienne Cross’s reality TV show for “Vanity Fair,” was found alive under Brienne’s Escalade in the open-air garage beneath the house.

These are the facts—the story behind the story.  The story behind THE SHOP.

Speculation ensued when another blog claimed a yellow Lamborghini was seen driving at a high rate of speed on Castle Creek Road that night, nearly colliding with another car. There does not seem to be any evidence to support this assertion.

I will regularly update this page when new information—if any–comes to light.

J. Carson Black

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